Saturday, 10 January 2015

Sorting files

It is a bit damp outside today, and I decided to take a couple of days from quilts, and start on the mammoth job of sorting out the filing cabinet, and some plastic tubs of older files. I have binned a lot of old catalogues and information from suppliers, and working my way through the 4 drawer filing cabinet. I could be here for years, so if you don’t hear from me, maybe someone should come looking for me! A lot of financial stuff is all over the place and will need some serious work later. But I am feeling better already just having got this far.


Catch ya another time,

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Sounds like a job I have to do too, though luckily mine is only a 3 drawer cabinet and the bottom one has always been for my Dad and brother, but now most of it is only the latter. Just hang in there and take small bits at a time. Take care.

Christina said...

Well done! You are an inspiration.