Sunday, 3 November 2013

This week’s update

We have had some beautiful weather this week, and I took the opportunity to take some photos in the garden at The Sanctuary. This is following up from last weeks posting about taking time out to “smell the roses” and take notice of God’s gift of his creation to us. And what better time to appreciate this than in our spring season, with the flowers, the grass that is still green before the brown of summer arrives and the birds that are singing.

Just a few photos from the garden for you to enjoy, and thanks to all those who commented on last weeks comment from Max Lucado.





This photo is for you Christina, and Michele, of what I call Jill’s Rose, a Pierre de Ronsard, planted on Jill’s recommendation. Lovely memories of Jill each time I see these flowers, and it is almost to the top of it’s support, (which are the monkey bars, children’s playground equipment.)


Bird of Paradise just coming out into flower.


And above you can just see a couple of busy bees in this bottlebrush flower. There are 12 of these trees in the garden, and look just glorious in October each year. It makes the heart feel good to see such beauty.

Earlier in the year, one of the large trees on my boundary fence was dropping branches onto the neighbours block, so the tree was cut right back and is now shooting out new growth. In the meantime, the branches which were cut down, have been drying out in my back yard. It was a very big pile, and too big to burn in one heap. This week it was decided that was time for it to go, before summer really arrived as it was an untidy hazard. It was a big job as we had to shift each branch into smaller heaps. But now my back yard is clear and just maybe I might be able to put a small vegie patch in that space???


And as the week has unfolded, I have been thinking about the contrast of God’s beauty and the fire, and trying to get it all into perspective. How fire can destroy if it’s not contained and controlled. It reminded me of the tongue and how it also can destroy if it’s not controlled. I was involved in a conversation this week where lots of angry, bitter words were spoken, and this has all been whirling around in my mind.  It was no surprise when the sermon at church this morning was about the tongue, about judging others, and the parable of the unforgiving servant and God’s grace. If we do not give grace to others, we won’t receive God’s grace for ourselves. And how we judge others, is how we will be judged. I am so thankful for God’s grace, which I am so undeserving of.

Here endeth my sermon for today, and if you have read this far, thankyou for staying with me. Have a great week, whatever you will be doing. I have another busy week ahead, lots happening which I will tell you about later.

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

Love looking at photos from your garden. You are so right about what we say to others being able to do damage...its hard at times...

Christina said...

I love to see "Jill's" rose Judy, it is indeed a beautiful variety and so full of special memories when it blooms. The whole garden is looking pretty spectacular at present.

Christina said...

I love to see "Jill's" rose Judy, it is indeed a beautiful variety and so full of special memories when it blooms. The whole garden is looking pretty spectacular at present.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

I love this time of year, ..... the gardens coming to life and looking so gorgeous. Sometimes words hurt more than a slap........ once öut"it can't be put back. Enjoy your week.

Marilyn Popplewell said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty that is around you while it is your springtime, Jude. Here in Indiana, USA we are in our fall with trees of golden yellow, orange and red. Your sermon was wonderful to remind us how sharp the tongue can be. It would be sad to miss God's grace just because of words that judge others unkindly. A gentle reminder to judge not lest ye be judged. Have a beautiful week. Blessings.

Michele Hill said...

So beautiful Judy - both your words and your garden……and Jill is smiling down and she is chuffed to bits with your rose too!! Many hugs and I look forward to one in person at the quilt show??? As always xxx