Thursday, 21 November 2013

5 years ago

I have just spent awhile doing a posting, and then it crashed, so will try again, a much shorter one this time.
I meant to do this yesterday, but was on a mission to finish a quilt.

5 years ago from yesterday my first grandson (but 4th grandchild) was born.
It only seems like yesterday. I love to see how they grow and develop their personalities, and how different they all are.
They grow so quickly, and next year he will start school.
This photo was taken a few hours after he was born, and just a few days after I had finished my 6 weeks of radiotherapy, so 2 milestones this week.

Hope you had a great day yesterday, and lots of love from Grandma.

Better get busy with today, lots to do, but more about that later.
From Jude
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Sue SA said...

Yep and soon they will be driving us to the shops!

jfoster8 said...


Susan Smith said...

How lovely Judy. Yesterday the 21st was also a milestone for us with the birth of our first grandchild who turned 17 and our daughter's first baby who turned 8, so we have 2 on the same day. Another thing for us, was the signing of our contracts on a house in Ballarat, so we'll be nearer for those retreats. Take care.