Thursday, 14 November 2013

Engagement Party


Once again, the week has almost gone, so I better update the blog before it turns out to be old news. As well as the excitement of the quilt show last weekend, there were also a party to celebrate the engagement of my baby son!  I know he is 25 years old now, but he will always be my baby. I guess as he is also 6ft 4in tall, doesn’t really make him look like a baby anymore. I wish them both lots of happiness and blessings in their life together.

Below is the cake which was made by daughter no 2. Isn’t she clever?


Trying to get a bit of a height advantage to make a speech.


The happy couple.


A photo taken with my parents, and myself.


Had a lovely lunch the next day with daughter no 3 and her new fiance, before I took them to the airport to go back to Melbourne. We look forward to celebrating their engagement in Melbourne in January. Both weddings are planned for 2015, so that will be a big year.


And this is the view from my motel room in the Barossa, looking out over fields of vines, the gum trees in the foreground. Was a lovely spot, and I was serenaded by the kookaburras.


Time to get into the workday, have been busy with the quilts this week, lots to catch up on. Feeling a bit “ordinary” this week, rather tired, a bit headachy, (is that even a word??), and some sniffles, hope I am not getting a cold.

Getting ready for a retreat this weekend at The Sanctuary, Marie has a group to do Indigo Dyeing and Silk Paper making. Still have to work out the menu and do some cooking.

Will be back soon with more quilt photos, there seems to be so much “other” happenings, that the quilt photos have been neglected, but they will come.

Enjoy your day,

Blessings, From Jude


Linda Steele said...

Congratulations, so it's going to be wedding season at your house as well. It's such a wonderful, happy time.

Sue SA said...

What lovely family shots, so exciting to have two weddings to look forward to, just hope you are not expected to make all the dresses!
I think I needed a bit of a rest from quilt photos after the quilt brain is still absorbing the ones I saw last weekend!

Christina said...

So lovely that you share your special family moments with us Jude. There are wonderful times ahead for all of you.