Sunday, 15 September 2013

Catching up on the quilts


Once again I have fallen behind in blogging the latest quilts that I have done for customers, as there seems to be lots of other happenings to blog about too.

First 2 quilts are made by Lois W, who loves cats.In the black and white quilt,I quilted cats around the white border, and paws in the black around the stitchery blocks. The other quilt is of some rather mischievous cats getting into the Christmas decorations.




And this is Kath’s quilt made using a Michele Hill design and the Adelaide Collection Fabrics. Kath wanted minimal quilting, so just some frames around each block and SID the applique, and a border pattern.


This is made by Lyn for a friend who is having treatment, and she called it his “Positive Thinking” Quilt. He was amazed that someone would make a quilt for him, and was very thankful.


This is made by Jill, a trip to Paris quilt.


And some butterfly’s made by Cathy, which I quilted with “flutterbyes”.


It has been a very busy weekend, with a day in the garden yesterday, and after church this morning I went shopping and have had the afternoon in the kitchen, making a start on the baking for “in the Pink” retreat next weekend.

I will be having a very early night tonight, and back to the quilting in the morning. Have a lot to do this week, and a trip to Adelaide in the middle of it, for a school musical. It is a lovely time of the year for driving around the country, the wattle trees are flowering, the canola crops look glorious in their yellow flowers, and the paddocks are all green.

Be back another day,

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

You've done some lovely work this week Jude! It appears your going to have your hands full again this week, thank goodness for the weekend, when you can put your feet up and enjoy the company of like minded people. Fingers crossed it all travels smoothly for you.

Sue SA said...

Love your customers M.Hill quilt. Hope the pink baking went well.