Sunday, 22 September 2013

And a good time was had by all


Another great time was enjoyed by those who attended the Pink Retreat.

Once again it was a time of friendship, much laughter, some sewing, lots of sharing, eating pink food and some time out.      I love to watch the interaction between everybody, and how quickly we all get to know each other. The mini auctions which occurred throughout the weekend were keenly anticipated by all. Such fun to watch, especially when more than one person wanted the item offered. One occasion Lois was bidding on a bag of goodies, (made by the lovely Faye Packham), and it was up to $20, going once, going twice, and she turned around to get her “purse” of money, as I was about to say gone, and before the words came out, Val jumped in and bid $21! Needless to say, Lois said she could have it!!

A group of quilters from Renmark were staying nearby, and after visiting the local patchwork shops, called in to see us. We had another great time of sharing with each other, all with a common interest of quilting.It was great to meet them, thanks for coming girls.  They bought some tickets in the quilt raffle, and generously donated to the BCNA as well. So we were very happy when one of their girls won the raffle quilt!

Below the Renmark girls visiting.


Below, the usual group photo, and it’s hard to get them all looking good, bit like taking a family photo with your children!! Always someone who doesn’t want to be in it!! Don’t they all look lovely in their PINK?Smile



Above, relaxing after a good day’s sewing, and below the stayers still at it.



Vicki’s bag that she made.


Lyn made a mug bag and started sewing her pink snail’s trail blocks.


A few of the girls made journal covers, some were very decorative!                                  And below a few of the mug bags.


We finished the weekend with “High Tea”. Served on my grandmothers lovely china cups and plates. It’s not often the cups and saucers get used these days, but it was lovely to pretend of a bygone era.


The girls trying to look the part, with the little pinky finger out! Sorry for cutting you off the photo Vicki.


And this was the end of the afternoon, and pack up time, the worst part of the weekend. Packing everything up, and wondering why you brought so much “stuff”, (that you thought you might need), or others glad they brought it all, and pleased with what they achieved.


The house is now quiet, beds all remade for next weekend, floors swept, fridge cleaned out, and the fire has gone out. Sad smile

It was a fully catered weekend, and as it was a PINK retreat, I tried to do PINK food!  Think I managed reasonably well, should have taken more photos. One night I did the shepherds pie, and mashed potato looks very pink when mixed with beetroot and feta dip! We had lots of beetroot in the salads, and grated raw beetroot does a good job of making coleslaw pink! Pink jellies in trifles work well, and berry yoghurt is pink. I won’t bore you with any more food details, but will say that I am glad it was not a blue retreat!

Thankyou to all those who helped in any way, either buying raffle tickets, or giving a donation, to all those who donated pink items for the auction, those who made the quilt, Lois for teaching, Lyn for supplying the goodies for afternoon tea, and to the girls who came. Thankyou! I am pleased to say that it was a good fundraiser for BCNA.

After all that, think it’s time for bed, have a big quilting job to get back to this week.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Glad you all had a fun weekend! Love the high tea, might have to come next year.

Susan Smith said...

So glad it was an enjoyable weekend and you raised some money for BCNA. Everyone looks like they were very busy.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. So glad all of your running around and organising has meant a great venue for everyone.

Marilyn Popplewell said...

What beautiful memories must have been made by all of the ladies who attended. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of this wonderful retreat. Blessings.

Michele Hill said...

Well done to you all....but especially to you Jude for all the organising. Hope you can have a bit of a rest now. hugs from the UK xx

jfoster8 said...

Hi would you feel about sending an article in to the AMQA newsletter on your "Pink" weekend with some photos....sounds like you had a lot of fun..Jan