Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I can't believe that we are into 2012 already, just seems like yesterday that I was getting ready for Christmas!
Christmas was a lovely time with family, on Christmas day and the day after when my family all get together.
Mum had another bad time couple of days before, but all was well Christmas day and since. Thankyou all for your good thoughts and prayers, its a great to know that people I have never met are following mum's progress. Thankyou.

I have not been entirely idle over the break, below is Sherrel's quilt that I have finished (Jane Austen's bonnetts). She is coming to pick it up this morning.
And the bottom photo is what my family gave me for Christmas, a Kindle!! Maybe that explains why I haven't updated my blog since before Christmas! I have read 3 books, it is so much easier to hold when reading in bed. Books are so cheap to download, and lots of them are free or 99c! Modern technology is amazing, and takes some keeping up with.

The weather here this week has been awful, temps the last 3 days around the 43degree mark, which is rather HOT!
I am thankful for airconditioning. Today is supposed to be cooler (?) at 38! Looking forward to tomorrow though, back to 24. Will be lovely and hope to spend some time in the garden. Have been watering in the cool of the mornings.
There are clouds out today, so could also get a bit of rain.

New Years Eve was spent at The Sanctuary, enjoying an evening with friends in front of the airconditioner.

Have another quilt on the machine today, Matilda's Station, which is always a fun quilt to do.
And also needing to spend lots of time catching up on my bookwork, as the accounts have been a job that I have "put off" and am running very late getting stuff ready for the accountant for the year 2010-2011!! So better get off this computer, and get Max (the name of my Gammill) working after I turn the sprinklers off outside.

So I wish you and your family's a great 2012, full of all that you need, good health, good friends, enough work to do, and some time for yourself.
Blessings from Jude
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