Thursday, 5 January 2012

School holiday activity

My friend Helen has had her daughter's family from Queensland here for the holidays, so thought it would be a good idea to introduce one of her granddaughters to the art of dyeing fabric. A couple of her other grandies sounded interested, so Helen approached our local "dyeing" guru Marie, of Holly Handdyes if she would teach them what to do. Then a date was set, using the facilities of "The Shed" at The Sanctuary, which has been set up for this purpose.The purchase of some suitable things to dye, some fabric lengths, some singlets and a pair or two of undies and by the time the day arrived, there were 6 of Helen's grandchildren here for the day. And they knew what they wanted, no plain pale colours for them, stripes, spots, and bright colour was the order of the day! And they could make as much mess as they wanted in the shed. Must say, they were very tidy and not messy at all.
They started cautiously as Marie explained the process,then the diagonal stripes were commenced on the singlet.

Now we are all more confident and having a go, in the photo below you can see the white denim Just Jeans jacket that was found at the op shop is undergoing a colour change.

By lunch time they all went off with their containers and bags of dyed articles, spent the afternoon washing and drying at Helens, and then returned for "show and tell". Below they are proudly showcasing their "new" clothes. Well done.

I think that Helen has a date for tomorrow to sew some trousers using the dyed fabric. A great holiday activity and something that will be remembered.

Blessings, from Jude
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Michele Hill said...

WOW..........what lucky students and having such a great teacher too. I love the jacket complete with flower! What a wonderful thing to do. I could almost be tempted - not really!! Tie dye T-shirts 40 years ago was my best shot! XX

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Fantastic !! What a great display of colours! They look as though they really enjoyed themselves Jude.

Denielle Pitcher said...

Thank you Marie for your time and patience and Judy for the use of the venue and showcasing their hardwork. The work they all did was amazing, we had to peel Jeremy out of his singlet top as he couldn't bear to part with it for clean clothes.

They all had a ball including Grandma. I think the undies stole the show hough and was cause for much hilarity and merriment.

You blessed them all. Thank you.