Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Learning more about blogging

Well, this blogging world is a whole new learning curve, and takes a lot of time out of my day.
Have been trying to work out for awhile just how to add pages to the blog, and today I finally found out!
So you may notice a few headings at the top, one to contact me, one is some background info about me, and the other is a page that lists planned workshops at The Sanctuary for the year ahead. This way all my advertising can direct people to my blog for details, and then to contact me for more information and bookings. But after working that out, I feel like I have accomplished a marathon. And the quilt is still waiting patiently on the machine for my attention!

While on the subject of blogs, I would like to thank all those, whoever you are that visit my site.
The statistics tell me that there have been just over 2,000 pageviews since I started. Quite amazing really, so thanks for that, and I hope you have found something of interest to keep you coming back.

In my online travels last week, I came across what I thought was a very interesting statement.
I like the sound of that, and hope that you will consider coming to The Sanctuary for a time of Inpatient Rehab!

Well, enough from me today, hope you enjoy whatever you are doing,
Blessings From Jude

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