Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Gwen's Kelmscott

Well I finally got the quilt off the machine late Sunday evening, put a couple of e-e quilts on for Monday, and spent time taking the basting stitches out and look what I found..... little bit not quilted!! Gr!! But thanks to having zippers and still being pinned onto the quilt, it was an easy fix today to put it back on and quilt the last little bit. I dont always put basting into a quilt, but these Kelmscotts are blocks on point, and so I baste across the blocks to make sure they all line up ok, this was quite good, but blocks on point is a good way to sometimes get the quilt "out of square". Well thats my story anyhow. Bottom photo is the finished quilt on my bed, with the light coming in across the quilt and the flash turned off to show up the quilting. Will be going to Adelaide tomorrow and will meet Gwen to deliver her quilt. Hope she likes it.

Sure has been a very hot day here today, with a strong northerly wind. Not nice outside, so after shopping and the mail run this morning it has been a day by the aircon, catching up on paper work, then over the road to water the garden.

Hopefully it will be cooler tomorrow, about 30 will be just nice.
Blessings from Jude
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Anonymous said...

30 is too hot, 27 would be better!!! But it is summer!