Friday, 22 May 2020

Custom quilting

A fair amount of my time recently has been spent with Max to finish some lovely customers' quilts, that are shown below. (There was also another one,but as it's a show quilt, I can't post photos of that until later, and in this current situation, most of the State shows have been postponed and rescheduled later in the year.)

The first one is a Michele Hill William Morris design that was made by Robyn. Some of the blocks had more applique in than others, so I treated those differently. 

The border fabric was very busy, and I used a simple oval piano key design for this, to give it texture and not create another busy design.

This pretty sampler quilt was made by Cheryl. There were 72 small blocks plus a centre piece, and a border. Some of the blocks were pieced, but a lot were hand pieced and appliqued to the background.

I now have another large custom quilt on Max, and have a fair bit of work ahead with this one. Lots of amazing needleturn applique. I appreciate the work involved in this, but can't say it's on my bucket list any time soon. (Says someone who can't even hold a needle except to do bindings, and then uses what the other girls laughingly call a crow bar!!) All I have done so far is to ditch all the block seams as I go down the quilt, and now need to go back to the top and decide just what I am going to do with the rest. This customer likes lots of quilting, so I might be here for awhile!

The weather has turned cold and drizzly this week, so being inside by the heater is a good place to be. I am spending the day at the computer and updating some of the pages on my blog. More news on that soon. Stay safe, and warm, well that's if you live down under, otherwise you may be looking for the cool!!

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Absolutely beautiful custom quilting. You are genius. I keep saying I'm going to update my quilt pages, but still haven't done it. Maybe next week after our wood heater is up & running. Take care & stay safe.

Raylene Edwards said...

These are fantastic quilts made by very clever ladies. You have a wonderful gift that make them amazing. I’m returning your Stay Safe message... just remember there are hazards in the kitchen! 😉

Jean McGee said...

Beautiful quilting Judy, you always do credit to every quilt you are given. The weather is certainly cold and so nice to snuggle up to a warm fire. Take care and keep warm 😍😍