Monday, 11 June 2018

Statler Gathering Report

We are almost at the end of another wonderful weekend, so time to report in before the week takes over again. I did manage a few photos in between the events of the retreat, where everyone has been very productive. There were a few hand stitchers, which you can see in the first few photos.

Lyn spent 3 days patiently glueing papers to fabric and then sewing them to the background, to make the Denver Quilt.

Gayle was busy cutting shapes for paper piecing, and made good progress, although there are still quite a few more blocks to make yet. It's looking good so far.

Libby was on a mission to make a Hungry Caterpillar quilt, and I snapped her progress.

Then it was time to pull out another UFO, to ask for opinions. (And she got about 8 of them!)

Elaine is usually our over achiever, and although she did not finish all the projects she brought with her, did manage a fair few of them. She started by cutting fabric squares for Beeswax Wraps, that her grandson is helping her to make, and then selling to raise funds for a school trip. Then it was onto her collection of scraps to make these quilts. Some of the blocks had been partially sewn, but she managed to finish one........

......and then another one.....and then another, for a total of 4. (and another one was started!) And what a great use of scraps. But you know that scraps breed more scraps, don't you?

Maybe the one wearing the most threads, was the one who achieved the most??

And the it was time to work on another UFO.

Naomi has been working on this quilt, on and off, for a few years now, and I have seen it in it's early days, when she was paper piecing the blocks, here at a Statler retreat. I remember one year, that we all helped her to choose a background fabric for the blocks.

Time to mark out the placement for the border applique.

One corner is done, and the opposite corner is in progress. 

I look forward to seeing the next progress, of the final quilting.

Alison was sewing a quilt, that had already been cut out, and here are the first few units.

The process was helped along with a bit of lubrication.

The star blocks are done.

All together, with the border. A very pretty quilt, with soft colours of grey, green, pink and cream.
Sorry I can't remember the name of the quilt, but it will be available as a kit from Canterbury Quilts if you are interested.

It was also a learning weekend, with time spent watching teaching videos. There was lots of discussion about the new software for our machines, and other issues that are relevant to our occupations. I am still working on my own quilt for my Professional Training Time, and managed to get some of it done during the weekend, and learnt a lot in the process.

There were a few very keen sewers, still at it at 10.30pm. I think it was after midnight before the last one left the room.

On Sunday morning we had a visit from Miss Bridie and her mum and dad, who were in town for the weekend. She always loves to play the piano, and I have tried to convince her dad that he needs to take it home to their place. (With out success, I might add.) Gayle was showing her that the notes at the top of the piano were softer, and like a butterfly. And those at the other end, were loud and like thunder.

In between all the other activities, I have managed to hand sew 3 sides of the binding on my quilt!! And don't zoom into to see my stitches either!

And here is the group photo, of 8 very happy ladies. Thankyou for coming girls, it has been a fun time, with lots and lots of laughs.

And this is tonight eating cold dinners cos the power has gone out. Glad we still have the wood fire and warmth.

EDITED LATER - The power stayed off for 2 hours, thus my binding did not get finished, and we missed the TV news. But there was still charge on our mobile devices and could watch quilting videos, so all was not lost. 

Be back in a day or 2 blessings from jude


Raylene Edwards said...

That was a very productive weekend, & such a great mix of designs. I’m sure the liquid refreshments helped! Did you get a blast from Miss B’s duck quacker? 🦆

Pauline Clark said...

Great achievments. Always great to see other peoples ideas. Thanks Judy. Xx😊

Sue SA said...

Nice to see you sewing with friends. Elaine likes the scrappiest of scrap quilts and I started making blocks from scraps yesterday thinking....Elaine would like this!

Susan Smith said...

Missed you all & glad you had a great weekend. Are Elaine's scrap quilts called "Mile a Minute"? I helped make some similar & quilted a good few way back when & they certainly are good for scraps and to donate to charity. I'm thinking about the next retreat if we have any spare time. Have a good week & take care.

Linda Steele said...

Looks like you all made some great progress, happy times!

Cindy Brick said...

"The Denver Quilt?" I tried, but could not get the photo larger, to find out more.

Research via Google was fruitless, too.

What's up with this pattern?? A Coloradoan wants to know!

Alison Bacon said...

Once again, a great weekend to be a part of. Thank you Judy for your hospitality and to all the girls for your sharing of knowledge and friendship.

Hellie said...

Look on an I phone and you can read - a. Australian pattern