Sunday, 3 June 2018

Family time again!

The photo in the last post of Miss Billie was taken aboard the plane on Friday, travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide. They came to spend the weekend in the Barossa and catch up with family.
I had been mulling over whether to drive up to see them all or not. I really have been trying to take things a bit quieter in recovery and have still been feeling rather lethargic. It was also in my mind to visit Murray Bridge today, as it is my dad's birthday. He is 86 years old!
A quick decision on Saturday morning meant I headed up the highway yesterday, for a dual purpose trip. After a quick shop in the Fruit Market, getting supplies for next weekend's retreat, I spent some time with mum and dad. And it was also great that my sister and my nephew called in while I was there. It was only later that I realised that I had not taken any photos! Getting rather slack with the camera. Today, my brother came to the rescue, and thanks to modern technology I soon received a birthday photo.

Then I travelled further north to Nuriootpa and spent time with all my family. It's not often that we are all in the same place at the same time. It was a lovely catchup and thanks to other family members, I have these photos to share.

Miss Bridie was pretty excited to have Miss Billie staying in her house, and even sleeping in her old cot! 

They were all going out for dinner, and I debated about staying longer and going too. But it was a 3 1/4 hour drive to home, and I have a rather busy week coming up, so I left before they went out. Later that evening I received this photo, of ALL of my 8 grandies. A precious picture, and they are all growing up so fast!

This was a first meeting for these 2.

The Melbourne family have flown home again, and I have spent time today in my garden. It seems like months, and I know it is, since I have ventured out "there". After an early morning frost, the sun came out, and it was quite nice outside. After a few weeks of "inactivity" and hardly going outside the house, I realised later that I had spent too long outside today. But it felt good to at least start on the task. And a Sunday afternoon nanna nap in the chair by the fire did help.

I have taken off the quilt that I did on Friday, (which one reader said I should call "Word of Wisdom for the Quilter"), and loaded another one of mine to practice some custom work on this week. So this week you will find me mostly home, working with Max, or in the garden, or cleaning and cooking, ready for the retreat, or cutting fabric for the Mystery cases. I have 4 days and then another trip to Adelaide on Friday for an Appraisal Panel meeting, before arriving home to a houseful of Statler ladies. Am looking forward to a great weekend. So if you don't hear much from me this week, you will know why.

Blessings, From Jude


Raylene Edwards said...

It’s a credit to all your children who live quite a distance away to come for their grandfather & great grandfathers birthday. Lovely photos. You do have an extremely busy time ahead, so watch out for that wall. Try to have early nights & a glass of Sable 😴

Susan Smith said...

Lovely family snaps Judy & great to see you all the grandies together for a photo. Have a great week & take care.