Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Happy Birthday

It is 36 years ago today, that I gave birth to DD3, on the 13th day of June. It was a drought year, and we had many frosts and no rain that winter. It is probably the only year that I have watched the tennis at Wimbledon while I was up feeding in the the early hours of the morning.

Hope you have had a great day, I know you have been spoiled with a sleep in by Miss Billie, and going out to lunch.

Been back through the album, and found a few photos, and "borrowed" from facebook tonight as well.

Blessings, From Jude,
(who can now see the errors and photos that did not post, in the last blog, which is when the power went out. Well, I am blaming the power failure! About to edit that post.)


Pauline Clark said...

Happy Birthday Susanne.My how Miss Billie has Grown Gorgeous photo.Birthday Girl & Miss Billie.xx

Raylene Edwards said...

Memories are wonderful of your children growing up, and then grandchildren to bless all of your lives. 💖