Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Pick a Case Mystery Retreat Report

It is time for a report on the weekends activities before any more days go by.  My visitors have departed, and the house cleaned, the washing done, beds remade, and it is quiet once again.

 On Saturday we combined lunch with a game of bingo to determine the allocation of cases. When 5 numbers in a row were crossed out, they got to choose a card, with a picture of a quilt. But, the cards were upside down, so it was a bit like a stab in the dark!

Some crossed their numbers with a light line,......

and some coloured in the whole square!

Dot was the first to choose and she went for the card right in the centre.

After the cards were chosen, they waited until everyone had chosen, and then could decide if they were happy with the choice, or whether they wanted to swap with someone else.  I think there was one swap, and most were happy with what they had. The next photo was their selections.

And this is what the cases looked like inside, with each step already cut and in numbered paper bags.

After lunch, it was ready, set, and go.  I missed a lot of photos, but here is a selection of the progress.
Some managed to finish, and others were close. One lady had to leave early, another was nursing a bad back, but everyone was happy with their choice and I look forward to seeing them when they are finished.

 The cutting table was a busy place to be.

And now it is confession time. Margaret did not get very far before she came to me, as her sashing strips did not fit. And upon checking my working papers, I discovered that I had made a mistake in my calculations!! So we had to go to Plan B, and made some fabric changes and recut the correct sizes. This photo is of my "stuff ups". (Maybe I need to design a quilt to use these strips!!)

Here we are with the new sashings in each block. It was fortunate that I had coordinating fabrics in stock.

There was some night time sewing.

Whoops, how did this photo get here, and who was using my camera??!

A bit of 'time out' during the day.

And here is the obligatory group photo, after another great weekend.

I will be back with more newsfromjude in a few days. I am working through the queue of quilts for our local exhibition which is only 2 months away now. And there will be an update re the Pink retreat soon as well. I have the pleasure of Miss Bridie again one day this week, and there will be more exciting news to tell too.

Blessings, From Jude


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Awesome!!! So that is some of what was left in the cases!!!! More lovely quilts, some familiar faces, wish I could have been there! xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Love the blue churn dash quilt the best..... Lots of great choices though........

Sue SA said...

Lots of progress, very impressed with their work ethic, cannot have been any talking?!!

Susan Smith said...

Looks like another great weekend with lots of lovely quilts made. I've put the binding on and am handsewing it of a night. Photo should come sometime soon. Take care.

Michele Hill said...

What a fabulous collection of quilts and all so different too....now why do mine take so long to do?.......might have to give up the appliqué...maybe not! Hugs x

Dot said...

It was another fun-filled weekend. Thanks Jude for doing all the hard stuff and looking after us so well. I'm getting addicted to these...

Jean McGee said...

Some lovely quilts again , and lots of fun along with it. Amazing how quickly a quilt can be made without all the distractions at home!
Lovely grandma time with Bridie. 😀😀