Thursday, 20 July 2017

Festival of Quilts

I know I have posted little phone blogs of my time away, but now I shall give a more comprehensive report. I headed up the highway on Saturday morning, and after a brief stop to see Mum and Dad on the way, I arrived at the SA Quilters Guild Festival of Quilts in Adelaide. 

July has been a busy month, and 3 events clashed this week, so I had to make a choice. As well as being the annual SA quilt show, it was also Quilt Encounter, a live in Quilt camp with lots of great classes, that I sometimes attend. And to add to that mix, Gammill held classes in Melbourne, with US teachers to learn the new software for our machines. I made the decision to put work first, and go to Melbourne, but I was able to fit in a quick look at the quilt show on Saturday, before flying to Melbourne on Sunday morning. (I was disappointed to miss Quilt Encounter, which was the 25th year of this event, and special time for those attending.)

(I will apologise in advance for some blurry photos, as some were taken with my phone, and this is still a learning curve.)

My first stop at the Quilt show was to check out the stand of Melann's Fabrics and Sewing Centre. A few weeks ago, I quilted a quilt for this store, and it was hanging at the show. You can see in the photo below how big it was, and I shall post more closeup photos of this in a later post.

This quilt was designed by Rachelle Denneny and you can see her pattern below.

My next stop was to check out the quilt Aubergine, Lemon and Lime, made by Cathie Hodge, which was her version of Katrina Hadjimichael's Meryton quilt. This was also quilted by me, several months ago, and I will post more photos of this later. Lots of hand applique in this quilt, beautifully made by Cathie.

Next stop was to check out the tables that were "manned" by girls of the Appraisal (formerly know as Valuation), and the Judging Panels. These displays were to help educate and explain the processes involved with Valuing and or Judging quilts.

The following photos are of quilts which I particularly liked, and have taken the label as well, which gives you the information.

This was amazing and all made by hand, and I have followed Tara's progress, in a short time, on her blog while she made this quilt.

I liked this quilt, made by Vicki Daly, and am impressed with her machine quilting, on a domestic machine.

Val's quilting certainly made this quilt into something very special. All that empty space enable Val to be very creative.

This quilt, made by Prue Wheal and Val Giles,  was Runner up to Best of Show, and showcases the north of this state well.

I loved the quilting on this quilt, made by Pip Porter.

These next 2 quilts, were made by Chris O'Brien, and I just love this first one, made with a vintage linen tablecloth. The quilting detail is just amazing.

And last, but not least is this quilt, made by the darling Faye Packham! The title of the quilt, is "Too much Kaffe? I don't think so!!" Slash your stash pattern with sashings, a king size quilt, and quilted by Sally McKenzie. (I am sorry to say, I did not see this quilt, in my hurry, but thankfully Faye sent me the photo. 😁)

Check out the QGSA website and click on the Gallery to see more photos of winning quilts. I could have spent a lot more time there, and did not even look at all the other traders.

I left the show, and stayed the night with a friend, before we headed for Melbourne on Sunday morning. But that will be another blog post in due course.

Be back soon,

Blessings, From Jude


Faye Packham said...

Love reading your blog Judy. X

Susan Smith said...

That must have been a feast for both the eyes and senses. There are some absolutely amazing crafts people out there (including you) and the workmanship is delightful. Look forward to hearing about the Melbourne trip. Have a lovely weekend & take care.