Sunday, 18 June 2017

Sunday night again.......

Time for another post and it seems there are a few quilt pics not shown yet, so better catch up on those. I have had a quiet weekend, and have managed to get my end of financial year bookwork up to date. Getting to the middle of June is an amazing achievement for me, who is usually running months behind. I did glimpse the sun outside through the window, after the early morning fog had disappeared, but I have stayed inside all weekend, except for when I went to church this morning. (The weeds in the garden will wait for another time!)

This is Jennifer's quilt, and I quilted it allover with a pattern called "A Tisket A Tasket".

Helen made this Bonnie Hunter Boxy Stars quilt, using an assortment of purple scraps, and it was quilted allover with  Plush,

This is made by Marion, and quilted with simple custom quilting. A block pattern on each block, and a sash and border pattern finished it off.

This was made by Cheryl's friend and features stitched house blocks. It was simply custom quilted.

Mary made this quilt for a friend, features appliqued poppies in 2 corners. and was custom quilted .

This is another hand pieced hexagon quilt, made by Cheryl, and quilted allover with Kaitlin's Elegant edge to edge pattern.

And it has been another week for miracles, or "fix up" jobs. I found an unstitched seam on this quilt when I was pressing it before I loaded it. Whoops, I did not see this other one, and I am glad I was standing right at the machine, when this happened. Poor Max was stuck and could not go anywhere, but was still stitching! It was not easy to undo the stitching around the fabric entangled in the foot, as I was worried about the quilt back tearing.

And this is what it looked like after I managed to untangle things. 😞 Thankfully no tear on the backing!

As the quilt was half quilted, I did not want to take it off the machine. So I unpicked the damaged square, and was very thankful that it was a scrap quilt. I found a piece that would blend in with the other fabrics, pinned it in place, and hand stitched it into position.

I am not great at hand sewing, and I had to work "back to front" sewing it on the machine, so I won't show a closeup of my stitching.  But here it is requilted.

And this is the finished quilt on the bed for a photo. As I said I was relieved it was a scrap quilt, and I did not have to take the quilt off and wait for another piece of fabric. I did phone the quilt owner and explained what had happened, and have marked the spot with a safety pin. 

Saturday afternoon I decided that I had done enough in the office, and it was nice and warm in the lounge with the fire going. I found a book, and settled in the recliner. I had started this book some time ago, and not got back to it. When I start a book, I like to read it to the end,( if it is a good one.) By 11pm I had finished, and so were my eyes. Needless to say, it was a late start to the day this morning.

This book, Heart of the Country, was written by Tricia Stringer, who is a South Australian author. I enjoyed her story of 3 South Australian families who settled in the north of our state in 1800's. The conditions they faced, and lived in, brought home to me how primitive things were for them, and how fortunate we are now.

My car had new tyres put on it on Friday, and I think I might notice a difference when I drive it next. I am not real mechanically minded, and have to confess that I don't check my car in between it's trips to the garage. Not good I know. My dad always used to check my tyres for me, but he is not up to that job anymore. Apparently my back tyres were rather "worn", so maybe I should get them checked more frequently, as I do a lot of trips up the highway and back.

This afternoon, I have been working on pattern instructions, with the possibility of marketing some. Bit more work needed on that yet, changing them from a mystery quilt, to add in the fabric requirements and cutting instructions. Tomorrow it is back to Max and some more quilts this week. It is only 2 weeks until another group come for Christmas in July, which is being held early in July this year.

That's about all the newsfromjude for tonight. Be back soon.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

More lovely quilts and quilting. Glad to hear that the bookwork is up to date and you got to enjoy some reading. Sounds like a bit more balance to me!

Susan Smith said...

Well done Judy on that poor quilt. I'd freak if that happened on a customer quilt.
Love the quilting on the purple one especially. Wow, up to date on that paperwork is great & have fun turning those patterns into saleable ones, something I'm supposed to be doing too. Have a good week & take care.