Thursday, 8 June 2017

Crunch, crunch, checking lists, the anticipation, and more quilts

Just a quick update while I am sitting by the heater, with this week's newsfromjude.

The mornings have been rather chilly, and this is how it was this morning when I went out to get the paper off the lawn. My slippers went crunch, crunch.

I am up to the stage of checking my lists, the "to do yet" one, and the menu plan, and what I need to cook when. I had a shopping list, which I have done, but there are a few more little bits I need yet.

The house has had a deep clean, as I have ignored this job for awhile now, while I have been doing the Mystery quilts. And here is the sewing room, all set up for the arrival tomorrow of the retreaters. They are coming from Adelaide, a couple of locals, and one just over the border, and 3 from further in Victoria, and even one from Canberra. I am looking forward to it. The weather outside might be cold, and frosty, but the house is warm, with the combustion heater going.

You can see at this table, that I now have 4 of the Horn Sewing chairs. They look so good with the sewing related fabric, and are very comfortable, and adjustable. 

I have an extra couple of girls this time, and so there is a "table for 2" in my studio, in the next room to the others.

I have laminated little pictures of each of the 25 quilts that are in the cases, and thought I would do a "tease" photo, but then realised it was too much of a giveaway. I found some cool tools in Picaso, and played with some, and so here is the photo now. The colours are gone, but you can probably see some layouts though. I will update you on the "new" allocation process later, when I know if it is successful or not!

I have managed to fit in a few quilts this week, and here is Maisie Mouse, made for a granddaughter who loves Maisie. Quilted allover with Flutterwings.

Pat has made a quilt for her grandson, who is "into" all things marine, and lives in Townsville by the reef. This was quilted allover with Curling Waves.

This curved circle quilt was made by Julie for her bed, and was quilted allover with Connected Circles.

Today was our monthly Angels sewing day, but I did not get any photos of the angels.
We have a good supply of quilts here, waiting for the quilter!?

Time to call it a day, and I will be back in a day or two, with another update.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Yesterday the frost was a ripper, there was still ice in the buckets of water at 10am, apparently we reached minus 1! Love the Maisy quilt, my boys enjoyed these books and character when they were little too.

jfoster8 said...

House looks great...really cosy