Monday, 13 March 2017


Once again, it is recovery time. I arrived home last night, after 3 days away to attend the wedding of my son and new daughter in law. It was a beautiful day with a very relaxing, casual, outdoor ceremony, and my prayers for the weather were answered as the rain stayed away until the next morning. There had been much watching of the weather forecast in the days prior with a forecast temperature of 23 and showers, that gradually changed to a temp of 31 and cloud for the actual day. There were a few spots just prior, but all was well, and I am very thankful, as we had no backup plan if it rained. Many areas further south did have rain that day.

This post might be overloaded with photos, which  mostly don't need any words. I am not sure whether there are more photos of the bridal couple, Brad and Carly, or little Miss Bridie, who enjoyed the day immensely. I thank SIL Dan for some of these photos, as I am still not happy with the way my phone is working for photos. I think a new camera might be in my future.

The boys arrived in the limo, which then left to pick up the girls.

I might need to get a step ladder for future photos, if I lose any more height??

The rose petals that I collected and dried. The remainder were strewn on the grass for the girls to walk in on.

Miss Bridie when she was still nice and clean, and had her shoes on, enjoying her ride in the limo.

Coming in with Carly's sister.

Waiting with Dad to catch a glimpse of the bride.

It was very special that these 2 people wrote their own vows, which they read to each other.

You might notice that the shoes are already off.

Coming out as Mr and Mrs.........( The next day I heard someone calling out to Mrs Simcock, and I looked around thinking they were talking to me. But no, it was to Carly! There are now 2 of us called Mrs Simcock!)

Three little boys enjoyed their time in this tree. This little man enjoyed his 7th birthday the next day.

The 2 mothers, who both share the same first name of Judith!

The MC for the evening, Deane Wiese, who Brad went to work for after he left school. 

Father of the bride making his speech, just prior to me saying a few words. This is the last of my children to marry, so there are no more speeches in my future!

Little miss is at that independent stage of wanting to feed herself, without any help, while making a large mess!!? 

It's not often that my siblings are all at the same place at the same time, so we had to make the most of this time for a photo. I am the eldest of this group, and my sister is the youngest, by 16 years.

The following photos were taken by the photographer, Shaun Stallan, and I have "borrowed" them from Brad's facebook page. They were taken at a winery away from the wedding venue. I look forward to seeing the rest of his photos, as he took some family ones just after the ceremony.

Sunday morning, and the celebrations are over and it was time to cook brekkie for a few.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, which is now recorded for my next blog book.

I arrived home last night, after a stop at Murray Bridge to visit with mum and dad and show them the photos. It was pouring rain by then, and as I came further south the clouds were getting darker. The timing of the wedding was good.

I did stop at Coonalpyn to take a progress photo of the silo's but will leave that for another post.

It is time now to look at the coming week, and make a list of the quilts I need to do. (I still have one on the machine to finish that was started last week.) Maybe I shall take the rest of this afternoon off, as it is a public holiday here this weekend??

I don't plan any trips up the highway, at least for the next 3 or so weeks, anyway! It is less than 2 weeks now until I look forward to the arrival of the Statler girls, for our annual gathering.

From Jude


Michele Hill said...

Absolutely beautiful Jude......I enjoyed it all xx

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thank you for taking us along, Jude! What a lovely wedding, venue and couple! That precious little Bridie might just have stolen the show, however! :)

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

How lovely Jude, it looks like it was a wonderful and very special day! Love all the photos.. the bride looked beautiful and Miss Bridie so cute :) xx

Sue SA said...

A very special day, beautiful photos, looks like a lovely venue and the cake - wow!

Susan Smith said...

What a lovely lot of photos & seems to me the weather was very kind too. Have a good week & take care. Any spots come vacant for the Statler gathering? Let me know if one does. Thanks.

Chookyblue...... said...