Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Hitting the wall......

Maybe it's catch up time, or it could be the heat, or maybe it is "middle of the week" syndrome, but today is almost a write off. It is almost 2pm, and no quilting has happened today. I did load one this morning, and talked to the owner about it. I watered the garden, and went shopping, and then "it" hit me, and I had a nanna nap in the recliner in the lounge, until the phone rang and woke me up. Must confess I did not answer it, and it went to the answering machine, although it was nothing I needed to get up for. I did have a big list of things I wanted to get done this week, and have achieved 5 quilts in 3 days, so I am not feeling too bad. And I can probably spend a bit more time sitting here at the computer, catching up with some stuff I need to do. (I wonder if there is something "in the air," as a lady in the bank this morning said how tired she was, and a recent phone call from a friend also said the same thing??)

First I will show you my special pressie, from Michele. Aren't they gorgeous, in colours to match my kitchen. The smaller one has my keys at the moment, but I am thinking of another use, so they will both be in the kitchen. The larger one will have fruit in it soon. Thankyou Michele.

It must be time to show you some more quilt photos, and here are 2 made by Suzie. The first is a Lozenge quilt, made with scrap fabrics, and it was quilted allover with Modern Waves, a pattern that Suzie loves on her quilts.

This was a sampler of different blocks, some pieced and some appliqued. I am sorry I forget who the designer was, even though I wrote the info "somewhere" so I could tell you. This was quilted allover with a baptist fan pattern.

Maybe I have recovered enough now, and I might turn Max on and see if I can do some of the custom quilt that was loaded this morning. Tomorrow it is Angel's sewing day, and Friday it is time to pack the bag, with my "glad rags" and head off for the wedding of the year! Our family have 4 weddings this year, but I can show my bias by saying this is the favourite, because it is my son, and the others are nieces. It promises to be a big year, and there is a complication because 2 of these weddings are on the same day and a choice will need to be made.

Have a good week,

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

I don't doubt you've hit the wall just lately. What with quite a few retreats that you've hosted, back & forth to Adelaide etc., 5 quilts on the machine in 3 days & then off again to a wedding. Slow down a little & breathe deeply. Take care. Thanks for the update.

Chookyblue...... said...

Busy busy and charge of season..... Tend to hot the wagon for a stop point at since stage..... The workshops look great with Michelle.....