Sunday, 5 March 2017

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Here we are, and it's Sunday again, which means another week has gone, and time to make my "to do" list for the coming week. It is a bit frightening to realise how fast the year is disappearing. Summer has "officially" finished, and autumn is here, although we know we have not seen the last of the heat yet.

The last week was a short one, as the retreats did not finish until Wednesday, and lots has been packed into the last part of the week. And looking ahead the next week will be the same. After the retreaters had departed, it was action stations, to get the washing and cleaning done, and put everything back into it's place. Then it was time to pack my bag, and head up the highway again, for a trip to the city, where Pat and I packed a lot into our 3 day visit.

It was a hot day, when we left on Thursday, but thankfully we have air conditioned cars. We had a very brief stop on the way to look at the silo's at Coonalpyn which are being painted. I got out of the car for a VERY quick photo.

When we left, we had packed our luggage, and 7 sewing machines, into the boot of the car.  When we knew we would be in the city for a few days, Pat had booked 4 of her sewing machines in for services. Then she found another 2 really old machines, which she thought her family might like, if they worked well, so added them to the other 4. I had an older machine which needed some attention, so I decided to take that as well. When we arrived at the shop and opened the boot, he was expecting 4, and exclaimed that we had brought a truck load!! We knew he would only get 2 done this trip, and the rest are waiting until our next trip.

That evening, it was the Quilters Guild monthly meeting, which we attended. If you click on the following link of their Facebook page you can read about Michael Barton's Sewing workout.  He demonstrated some exercises to do while sewing, which was very entertaining. Living 3 hours away, we don't get to many Guild meetings, so it was lovely to catch up with lots of familiar faces.

On Friday morning I attended a Judging Panel Training Day on Modern Quilts. This was presented by Lara Motta and was very interesting. Lara is one of 3 people who publish an online magazine, called Make Modern. (

 Lots of magazines seem to be going online, and I am undecided about whether I prefer an actual printed version or the digital. But looking at the big pile of actual magazines that I actually have that I no longer read it is probably a good idea???

After lunch we went north east of the city, so that I could take GD2 for afternoon tea, as it was her 16th birthday the next day. I should have taken a photo, but didn't so "borrowed" this from her facebook page. These grandchildren are growing up so fast, but it's lovely to see the beautiful young people that they are becoming, and I look forward to seeing where they will go in their futures. But, it does make me feel old!

As part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, there was an exhibition at St Peters Cathedral by 3 artists, as in the following flyer. One of these is a quilter, so we thought we would check it out, and only just fitted it in before closing time.

I took a few photos, but it was quite dark in the cathedral. The following are of Julie Haddrick's work, which looked fantastic all hung down the side wall of the cathedral.

It was quite dark inside, but very beautiful, awesome and very peaceful.

And I couldn't resist a photograph of the floor, and I am sure you can guess why!

On the other side of the cathedral was a display by another artist, although they were not quilts. I missed the talk about how she made these. They were all about the Parables of the Bible, and I purchased the book about them.

 I did take a some closeup photos of her work, which consisted of ribbons and fabrics, which  were pasted (???) onto her work.

 On Saturday, it was Quilters Guild of SA Country Forum Day. This is held every 2 years, and is a day for Country groups and consists of Guest Speakers, Show and Tell, shops to tempt you, chatting over cuppas and lunch, and demos and displays by guild members, with lots of prizes and a goody bag.

Francie had a display of her art quilts, and I was intrigued with her book of Painting samples, which was put together with knitting needles. Very innovative.

Heather Ford gave us a trunk show of her quilts. Heather is a specialist in using lots of different rulers. I know a lot of us have collections of different rulers, but Heather actually uses them, and teaches a lot of her quilts. By the time I was wandering around with my camera, Heather's quilts were back in the suitcase, but here she is with some of her rulers. I have done a workshop with Heather using the Hex N More ruler, and you won't be surprised that it is still a PHD!

Another table was selling Mystery Bags and I spy quilt kits, done by the Claytons Committee, and here are Faye and Lessa busy showing them. Proceeds of these go to Bedford Industries, and it is amazing how much money they have raised for this worthy cause, so, well done ladies.

While I was at Country Forum I was introduced to Deidre, who lives at Port Broughton. Apparently she reads my blog, so Faye brought her to meet me. It was great to meet you Deidre, and thanks for reading. In our conversation I mentioned that I would be stopping to catch up with my mum and dad on the way home, a she said that she loved it that my mum was "into" technology.

We left about 4pm, after a good day and headed back to the country. It is always interesting to listen to the city people talk about how far it is to the country. I would rather travel 3 hours on country roads to go to the city, (which I don't think it really that very far), than drive around the city for an hour or so. After 3 days of city driving, it is a relief to head for the hills, and head home. Lovely to visit for a couple of days, but not live in.

A short stop on the way home to visit with my mum and dad, and then another stop at Coonalpyn to take more silo photos. It was interesting to see the progress in 3 days. There is more colour on the first 2 children and a start has been made on the 3rd child.

I had a bit of a sleep in this morning, and the garden is being watered while am writing this post. Today it is catch up day, and this week looks to be busy again. Tomorrow it is our group patchwork day, and Thursday it will be angels sewing day again. And Max needs to get some quilts finished in between the usual activities as well. And before I know it, it will be Friday, and the bag will be packed again for another trip up the highway. Only a few sleeps now until the wedding of my son and his fiance, so getting a bit excited!

 From Jude


Sue SA said...

Lovely photos Judy of the quilts, Heather ;) and the silo's. I am yet to see the Brim silos in person, but the art work from photos is amazing. I cannot believe I didnt put my head up and catch a glimpse while on the bus last Monday and Thursday on my way through! No doubt I will see more next time I have to make the trip for work. Lovely family events to celebrant, GD 16th and a wedding - I am sure it will be a lovely day, best wishes.

Susan Smith said...

Wow, that is certainly packing a lot into a week. Where do you get the energy from? I've none at the moment. Happy birthday to your GD2(belated of course) and hope the wedding goes really well for your son. Take care.