Sunday, 19 March 2017

Breathing easier.....

It has been a quiet weekend at home, and time to breath easier. The quilting queue is on schedule, the garden is getting by with a bit of water, and the occasional pulling out of some weeds, and I am not planning on being away anytime real soon. I thought about what I would do for the weekend, and even pulled a couple of tops out of the tub with my name on it. I have hung these up near Max and hope that they might "talk" to me sometime, and maybe they might get quilted. I also thought about getting started on some more Mystery Cases, and then decided that my priority should probably be the book work, as once again, I am a few months behind!! Except for going to church this morning, I have been working my way through the "paper" trail, and trying to remember what I did last year?? While I am not up to date yet, I am happy to say I have made good progress. The weather has been quite warm, so it was a good place to be, beside the air con.

These are the photos I took at Coonalpyn last Sunday, and they are a week old now, so not sure how much progress there has been since then. The first 2 photos are as you come into the town from Adelaide, and can't be seen from the other end.

And I shall finish this post with quilt photos, as I still have a few in the files. The first is a Ring Cycles quilt, made by Trish, and custom quilted. Trish used Kaffe Fassett fabrics, so it is quite bright.

This very large quilt was made by Lois, and was quilted allover with a Baptist Swirl pattern, and I love the texture that it has given to the quilt.

That's the end of the newsfromjude for tonight. Tomorrow I need to load another quilt, and also think about making some beds, and getting ready for another group to arrive on Friday. It is always good to welcome the Statler girls, and chat about the things we are doing, and learn more about our machines.

Blessings, From Jude


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

It's lovely having a quiet weekend at home, isn't it... I've had a quiet day at home today, and will again tomorrow. Trying to get on top of the dust, managed to vacuum and mop most of the apartment and did some sewing in between :) Both of the quilts are amazing - so different but beautiful in their own way! xx

Sue SA said...

Wow love the Ring Cycle quilt - is that a Lessa Seigle pattern?

Susan Smith said...

S the silos are still an ongoing project & I wonder how long they'll end up taking?
Love both quilts & I'm just about to load a small quilt & do a baptist fan pattern I bought 'ages' ago which is not the plain old one also. Not seen one with a little scroll. Wish I was coming to spend some time with the Statler girls too, but maybe next time. Have a good week & take care.

Jean McGee said...

Lovely quilts once again and lots of news from your part of the world. Watched the artist talking on Landline and chatting to the children he picked for the silo project. Looks fantastic and will boost the morale of the town. 😀😀