Friday, 24 March 2017

Coffee break time....

I am just taking a break and checking emails and blogs etc after an early start this morning. It was  lovely  to be out early, listening to the kookaburras and other birds waking up. It is very still this morning, and sightly overcast, but I think the sun might peep out later. This is perfect autumn weather, and I for one, will be happy if the HOT doesn't appear again soon. Daylight doesn't happen until 7am, although this will change soon when daylight saving ends.

I still have some preparation to do in the kitchen, but everything is almost ready for the arrival of the Statler girls this afternoon. I know one lady who was up at 4am, to be ready to leave for a 7 hour drive to get here. (We might all need a nanna nap this afternoon!).

I "borrowed" this photo from facebook this week, after GD2 passed her test for her "L" driving licence. Now there are 2 of my grandies on the road. It sure makes me realise how time is flying by. 

Time to head back into the kitchen, and cook a little bit more. I am trying to do most of the prep of meals, so that I can spend time with the girls this weekend. I might even get some more tracing and cutting out of the blocks for my "Dear William" quilt done!!??

Catch ya soon,

Blessings, From Jude

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