Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A birthday, a meeting and a visitor

In my last post, (and I know it is over a week ago!), I mentioned that our local patchwork group was celebrating 20 years this year. So it was a good reason to have a celebration, and we had a pizza tea prior to our recent general meeting. Our secretary made us a lovely cake, which tasted as delicious as it looks.

 We ordered large pizzas from our local takeaway and here you can see they are being delivered.

It was a very casual occasion and members sat around chatting while they ate pizza and salad.

After our pizza tea, we sat at the front of the hall for our general meeting.

Following the meeting we lit the candles, sang to ourselves and shared the cake. The photo below shows 4 of our members who were there in the first year and are still members. The candles are being lit by our first workshop teacher, Jan Miles, from Naracoorte, who is now also a member of our group.

The rest of that week went by in a blur, while I was trying to finish a few quilts, and get organised for some more time away. We had our monthly Angels day at my house on the Thursday, at which we had a good rollup of members. I forgot to take photos, but lots was achieved.

Last Saturday I had a baking day in the kitchen, preparing food to take for family this week.

That afternoon, there was a knock on my door, and I had a brief, surprise visit from DS and family. I did take one photo, of Miss Bridie, who is into clapping hands at the moment, before they were out the door.

On Sunday I packed the car again, for a few more days away. I also packed lots of quilts belonging to local members, which were delivered to a lady in Adelaide, for the QGSA quilt exhibition which is on in a few weeks.

Now I am spending the week at the home of DD1 and family. I am the "grandma taxi" this week, and taking the 3 children to school and other activities. In between school drop offs and pick ups, and preparing some meals, I am able to catch up on laptop time, designing quilts and writing instructions for the next round of Mystery's. This morning I went to the shops and found a few pink items to auction at the Pink Retreat, which is coming up very soon.

I will try to blog again soon, with more photos of recent quilts. Always seem to be playing catch up!

Have a good week,

From Jude

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