Sunday, 31 July 2016

Time for more quilt photos.....

Looking back through the blog, it seems like a long time again since I have posted quilt photos. Life always seems to be a catchup.
So while I am having a few days away with family, (which I will update you on later), here are a few quilts.

First up has been made by Sherrel, and she made 2 of these for her grandsons. They were quilted all over with a soccer ball pattern.

This was made by Marie, and started many, many years ago. Marie is on a mission to finish her many PHD's, and this is one of them. Simple custom quilting completed the job.

This was made by Christina, and was a very large quilt, and sorry you can not see it all. It was quilted allover with a continuous baptist fan pattern.

An Irish Chain quilt, made by Pat M as a wedding present for friends and quilted allover with a feather pattern.

This quilt was made by Rosie for a little girl, and finished with simple custom quilting.

This was made by Kath, and custom quilted.

A strippy quilt made  by Jenny with William Morris fabrics, and custom quilted.

This was also made by Jenny, and featured lots of birds in the fabric, so was quilted allover with a pattern that had birds in it.

The following 2 Christmas quilts were made by Di, and quilted with allover patterns.

Be back soon,

From Jude


Linda said...

You have been very industrious, quilting so many quilts. As someone who has never had a quilt long-arm quilted what is "custom quilting"? I noticed that expression under several of the pictured quilts. A really lovely selection of quilts and colour choices.

Sue SA said...

Lovely customer quilts, really like the themed quilting eg soccer ball and birds!

Susan Smith said...

Gee, Judy, you've certainly done some custom quilting lately and with all the retreats, you must be exhausted. Hope you relax now with your family and enjoy. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Beautiful Judy! You are a very busy lady! xx

jfoster8 said...

You've been busy....