Thursday, 7 July 2016

This week's visitors......

Sunday afternoon my 2 little visitors's arrived for a few days with Grandma, as they were on school holidays, and Mum was just starting a new job. This is the first time that they have stayed here without their mum and dad, so they were probably a bit apprehensive. But things went ok, and they might stay a bit longer next time. There were lots of things to do, as the following photos show.

Gypsy the cat received lots of attention.
We spent time in the garden, weeding, and hoeing and raking up rubbish to put into the new green bin, that the council has just provided to each house. They found some "treasure" in the back yard, that I am sure (??) mum will love at her house!!

We found some lego in the shed which kept them occupied for ages, while I managed to finish a quilt. They spent time reading, and drawing and cutting out pictures.

It is only 2 weeks until the Christmas In July retreat, so it was time to get ready. We went to the shed and found the tubs of Christmas decorations so that I can put up the decorations next week. These 2 little guys thought it was a bit "strange" to have Christmas in July!

They were very happy to help out with the Christmas cooking, and we made star biscuits, and Christmas tree cakes, and then they decorated some cup cakes to take home.

All my grandchildren get to have time sewing at grandma's house, and these 2 have been asking for awhile now, and as life has been a bit busy I have put them off. It was the first questions asked when they arrived on Sunday, "grandma, can we do sewing!" I think it should be a skill that all children learn, and not just the girls. They loved trying out the different stitches on the machines, and loved choosing the threads.

Mr 5 year old still is a bit short, and needed a step to reach the foot pedal!

They were very proud of what they made, and did an amazing job, and even mastered couching some glittery thread.

The house is quiet again, quilting has been happening, and preparations are being made for another lot of visitors this weekend for more sewing.

While I am posting about grandchildren, I will mention the birthday today of GD3, who is 12 years old today. I hope you have had a great day, even though it was a school day. Enjoy your holidays next week, love from "granny".

That's all the newsfromjude for tonight, as much as I am enjoying the warmth of the fire, it is almost time for bed.

From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Lovely to have the grandkids to stay & looks like Gypsy was spoilt too. Gee, I remember putting a pile of books under the foot pedal when I learnt to sew as I still couldn't reach when I was 7, which is when I was taught on my Mum's new electric machine. I'd never been able to reach the treadle on the old Singer.
Have a wonderful weekend for the Xmas in July. Take care.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Beautiful grands and lovely memories made; for you and for them! Their pillows are terrific!

Sue SA said...

Learning to sew on a machine, bake and garden are all life skills that are so much more important when you learn them from a grandparent. Precious childhood memories of fun times together they will carry for life.

Michele Hill said...

All so wonderful to see Jude....such special times and great memories and what amazing little quilters too! Bet you were exhausted at the end of it all! Hugs from both of us xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Gypsy looks just like our Jameela - except ours doesn't like any pats at all! Glad you got to spend time with your special vistors, lots of lovely memories made! xx