Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A little bit of lots of things.......

I have been away from home for 5 days, so it's time to update you on the newsfromjude before I get back into work tomorrow.
It is awhile since I have been to Melbourne to visit DD3, so I planned a trip that coincided with the Vic Quilters Showcase that they hold every year. I went over on Friday on the Overland train that travels from Adelaide to Melbourne twice a week. It is a very relaxing trip, and I took the opportunity to catch up on some reading. My Kindle had not been used for so long, I had to recharge it, after I found it hidden in a drawer!  It was lovely to see the green countryside on my travels. This winter is quite a wet one, and is a contrast to the scenery I see in November, when I usually make the trip.

I was picked up at the Southern Cross station on Friday evening by DD3, and then stayed a few days at their home.

On Saturday we travelled into Melbourne to visit the Quilt Exhibition,where we saw some amazing quilts. I took lots of photos of quilts, but don't have permission from all the owners to show them on the blog. I did take a photo (below), of Runner Up to Best of Show, which was won by Linda Steele,
If you click on the link to her name, you will see other photos of winning quilts on her blog. I loved this quilt of Linda's which was called A Time for all Seasons.

I do have photos of 3 other quilts, and these are customer quilts that I have quilted. Even though there are no ribbons, it is a thrill just to see them hanging in the show.

This quilt was made by Lois, and I showed photos of this on my blog last year. I just love her border fabric of the Fifties Ladies.

The next quilt was made by Sherrel, and I showed a snippet of it on my machine back in May. Here are the rest of the photos, that show how I quilted it. The pattern is a Judy Neimeyer quilt design.

This quilt was made by Cheryl, and quilted by me, and was in the Longarm Quilters display section, and not for judging. Cheryl's applique work is amazing on this quilt. 

Sunday's weather turned on some lovely sunshine, although there was still a chill in the air. DD3 and I went for a short drive down the Mornington Peninsula for High Tea at Woodman Estate. I am glad we skipped lunch before we went, and we certainly did not need any meal at night as you can see from the following photos........

After we finished the plate from above, they brought out another plate, of scones! Have to confess that we did not finish that plate.

The building and surrounding grounds are lovely, and there was even quilt inspiration at the front entrance!

I mentioned last year, that DD3 and DSIL had purchased the shop stock from Val at Mundulla, and DD3 has been selling fabric etc online with her store, called Kiki Fabrics. The link to this is on the sidebar of my blog.  While I had the chance, I had a bit of a shop at the "store", which is in the house. We also had a sort out of fabrics and chose a range of fabrics to cut into packs, and jelly rolls.

Even the dog got decorated with a jelly roll strip.

As I was travelling home on the train, I have left a "little" bundle for DD3 to bring when she drives over next.

On Monday the weather had turned cold, windy and wet again. We drove to the shops and I bought a few pink things for the auctions at the "In the Pink" retreat in September. A trip to Office works was next, to print some family wedding photos for me to put on my lounge wall.

DD3 and DSIL have made a decision about how they want their wedding quilt to be quilted, so I hope to get that done soon, and then the binding. I do have another quilt here that DD3 picked out for me to make for her when I first started quilting, and I have to confess it is still a PHD. This was about 18 years ago, and I think they were a tad worried I might take 18 years to finish this one!!??

It was a lovely few days away, and good to spend time with them.Tomorrow it is time for another quilt and some preparation for classes this weekend.

I think that's enough newsfromjude for tonight, and I might sit by the fire for a little while, before I have an early night.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Sounds to me that you had a lovely time away, relaxing and enjoying and yes Sunday was certainly lovely. We spent it on Phillip Island. I also noticed the quilts you'd quilted at the show on Thursday. Take care.

Sue SA said...

Lovely wedding photos, nice to have photos of the whole family together in their Sunday best! Lovely quilt photos, such fun to go to see all the quilts, but even better you had your own personal trader! Next year I am going to plan to go to Melbourne or Sydney quilt show , which ever fits into the calendar best!