Sunday, 3 July 2016

Playing catch up again......

Once again more than a week has passed since I posted. Before I receive a phone call from a certain lady telling me she has an injured finger from scrolling her ipad looking for a post, I better report in!!
I have to tell you that I enjoyed my day sitting by the fire last weekend. After church on Sunday I spent time sorting the box of recipe books that were still waiting for some attention.

This photo was taken in February before the kitchen reno, and was a jumble of books, and recipes written on pieces of paper, or torn from magazines.

After a sort out this pile was sent to the recycle.

And now my recipe cupboard looks like this. I think I still have too many books, and "one day" I will have another clear out.

Due to so many other activities recently the quilting has taken a back seat, so this week it was time to catch up. The next 2 photos show what Max has done this week. (The top quilt has been basted, and one quilt had already been sent on it's way before the photo was taken.).

And this is what is on Max at the moment, a pretty little baby quilt, with amazing stitchery.

Today will be a "housework" day, cleaning a few floors and a load of washing. I might not get much quilting done in the next few days, as I am expecting a couple of little visitors to stay until Wednesday.

It must be time for a few more quilt photos.

First up is Helen's One Block Wonder quilt. In the second photo you can see the original fabric, which is not recognisable in the top photo, after it has been cut up. I love the "colourwash" effect that Helen has laid out her blocks in.

This quilt was made by Linda, for her daughter. Sarah gave Linda a diagram on paper of what she wanted. There are lots of small squares making up this quilt, and was a challenge for Linda to get the colours how Sarah wanted them. Then to take each section to the machine and sew them and return it to the correct place. It represents grass blowing in the wind, and has been quilted with a "swirly wind"  pattern. Sarah, Linda and I are very happy with how this turned out.

The following 2 quilts were made by Maree, and quilted allover with Too much bubbly, and a flower pattern.

That's enough newsfromjude this morning, and as it is almost 9.30am and I am still in my dressing gown, I better get to the shower and start my day!!

Enjoy your Sunday, and stay warm wherever you are.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Wow the green grass blowing in the wind quilt is amazing, that one should go in an exhibit for sure! I have slowly l down my cook books every time I move house. But it is hard I confess. I haven't done this yet, but I plan to colour photocopy my fav recipes from cook books and then laminate them and put in a folder. Because I have one or two preferred recipes in a whole book and dont use the rest of the book, so want to clear those books out of my collection next.