Wednesday, 2 April 2014

And now he is 3

Since this little man was born 3 years ago, there has been a lot of “water gone under the bridge”. And it only seems like yesterday. I remember that day rather well, as in addition to the birth of my 6th grandchild, and my 3rd grandson, I also took a tumble in the main street of the town where he was born. I was minding his bigger brother, and driving his parents car, and it stopped on the side of the road. I can’t remember just why, but this grandma was looking after a 2 year old, and had left home without the usual bag of things that a mother would take, like a drink, some food and a nappy change.!! (Must have been out of practice is my excuse). So we were walking to the closest shop to get a drink and something to eat, and I tripped and we both went down. And I don’t think big brother has forgotten yet either, as when they drive past that shop, he always says “that is where grandma fell over with me!”
And this is a recent photo of him with his cousin. Don’t you love those long blonde curls, and of course that cheeky smile! Happy Birthday and love from Grandma.

Those long blonde curls are not really modern are they, when you look at this photo below. This is my grandfather, on the right, with his older sister. The little man above is often mistaken for a little girl, although he is obviously dressed like a boy, but when you see this photo, it looks like 2 girls, with the coat and the lace and stockings my grandfather is wearing. This photo was taken about 1910, and this week it was 23 years since he died. I think there is a resemblance there, with the long blonde hair and the facial features, don’t you?
Update.... this photo was taken this morning after he opened his birthday present! I think it will be a tad noisy at their house for awhile, don't you?

Hope you are having a great day, I am scrubbing my kitchen, and sorting cupboards, and finding that one thing leads to another.....but it will be good when it is finished.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Love blonde curls on boys or girls! Taking a fall in public is something you tend to remember, but would be good if the grandkids forgot!

jfoster8 said...

Oh noooo.....not the cupboards....