Friday, 4 April 2014

The end of another week

It’s a bit scary just how fast time is flying by. Not a lot of quilting happening this week, but lots of other things that were building up, so have had to take the time to do them. Very unusual for “Max”, my machine to be without a quilt loaded, or as one lady said to me once, it was naked!
Below is Lyn’s quilt, made with prints from her overseas USA trip. She wanted a simple custom, and no quilting on the fabric squares. I SID all the blocks and simple pattern in the sashes, and then star spangled banner pattern in the borders, although it was busy fabric, so hard to see.

This pretty quilt was made by Cathy, and we did a simple custom quilting on it, which she was very happy with.

This was made by Sherrel, it was in APQ magazine, and she used blacks and greys, instead of the reds in the original quilt. Once again, a simple custom.

And besides a lot of cleaning, and sorting cupboards, (and even washing walls!!), I have been getting organised for the “Paper Bag” Mystery Retreat,  which will be at The Sanctuary over the Anzac weekend. I am doing up all different Mystery quilt patterns, and we will have an “allocation” process, which should be a bit of fun. It is surely testing out my EQ skills, so is probably good practice after doing a retreat with recently. Thankyou Lois for your help today, I think we both learnt a lot. You can see I have one bag finished, complete with the fabric cut, and the instructions all printed out. Only 11 more to go. I have most of the quilts all planned out, but it’s the instructions and the samples for the photos that take the time.
You know what I’ll be doing for the weekend, as it’s the last weekend I have free before Anzac, so need to get it done soon. There’s nothing like a deadline to get one motivated is there?
Hope you enjoy your weekend, be back soon,
Blessings, From Jude

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I work best with deadlines looming... it's no coincidence that they're called DEADlines, they will kill a person! ;) Jude, your quilts are spectacular, as usual; and... so you'll know... there's nothing SIMPLE whtsoever about your custom work! You make these quilts sing.