Thursday, 24 April 2014

Another day out


Just another quick report this morning, while I am waiting for it to be daylight so that I can go over to The Sanctuary and do some gardening. I had a “little” spend in the garden shop last weekend, and bought some flowering plants to put into some empty spaces in the garden, to make it look nice for a couple of afternoon teas that are happening soon. So today looks like another busy one, as tomorrow the girls arrive for the “Paper Bag” Mystery Retreat. It is a public holiday here for Anzac Day, which means it is a very short week, because we had Easter last weekend. Not often that Easter and Anzac are so close together.

And add into that mix, a day trip yesterday to Mount Gambier for medical appointments, and the week has suddenly got much shorter. Had a lovely day out though, and did the tourist thing on the way home and called into Father Woods Park. I had often driven past, but decided to stop this time. You can read about the park on the photos below, and more info on various websites if you “google” it. (What did we do in the “pre google” days, if we wanted to know something??)

These statues have been carved out on the trees, with a chain saw!! And I think a good rain would be in order, to wash the remains of the birds from their heads!?






These statues are just north of Penola, which is where Mary MacKillop lived also, at the same time as Father Woods. Mary was recently made a Saint for her good works, and lots of the history can be found in Penola.

Well, the sun is up now, so I better get off the computer, and head “over the road”, and finish planting, before I come back and organise food for the weekend. I think quilting will have to wait for next week.

Have a good day.

Blessings, From Jude

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