Monday, 5 August 2013

Retreat with Faye Packham

Time to report on another great weekend at The Sanctuary, with a little bit of family in the mix. I was lucky to be able to look after 2 of my grandsons on Saturday, while their dad went cutting up wood to take back home. They live just over 3 hours away, so I don’t very often get this chance, and it was wonderful to have them on my “home ground”, and without mum or dad around. This photo was at breakfast time on Saturday, and they were still in the pj’s.

We spent time drawing pictures with coloured pencils, and playing games, watching a bit of TV, drinking chocolate milk, playing the piano, feeding and patting Gypsy the cat and walking over the road to visit the ladies at the retreat.  The weather was cold and wet, which delayed the woodcutting out on the farm.


Getting into the sewing, and concentrating hard


I usually take a group photo at each retreat, and have some in frames on the wall at The Sanctuary. This time Faye called it a family photo, which sounds lovely, as after spending time and sharing with each other for the weekend, it seems like family.


The workshop was called Japanese Reflections, and was enjoyed by all. Faye is such a good teacher, and a delightful lady to spend time with.


Above and below 2 layouts taking shape.


We met 2 lovely ladies from further down the south east, thankyou to Karen and Kathy for coming.


And the dessert for lunch on Sunday was Golden Syrup Pudding, and Pauline was “lucky” enough to be seated in the middle and got to play mum and dish up for everyone else.


And thankyou to Faye for finishing sewing the binding on the raffle quilt for the “In the Pink” weekend retreat in September. I shall post more about this soon. Still a few spots in the house for that retreat.


From Jude

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Faye Packham said...

Thank you Judy for a wonderful weekend. The Sanctuary is just that... A lovely place to sew, eat and chat.
Faye x