Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A special visitor

At The Sanctuary there are lots of birds as the trees provide places for them. And over the weekend I did notice that there was a honeyeater flying in and out of the carport. But it wasn't until Sunday that I saw it fly into the tree by the back door. I thought it was being a bit cheeky, coming in so close. And then Gayle realised why it was there, as it had a nest in the potted tree!
So far there are no eggs in the nest, but you can see just how cosy she has made the nest! Almost looks like wadding in the nest, but not sure where the bird would have found that.

And you can see just how resourceful this bird was, building the nest in a spot that would not get wet, and mostly very quiet. Probably only a couple of weekends in the month when there are people around. I shall keep an eye out for further progress of eggs being laid, and keep you up to date.

From Jude
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jfoster8 said...

Wow..how special.....we have magpies that nest in a tree up the back...come back every year.