Wednesday, 31 July 2013

2 years has flown by


2 years ago today, I started writing my blog. I have made around 200 postings, so you can see I don’t do it every day!  It has been a learning experience, and I am totally amazed at the number of page views. I don’t know where they all come from, but thankyou to everyone for dropping by. It’s sometimes hard to know what to write, and I think maybe it’s a bit boring, but it’s snippets of my life and the quilts I do for customers and the fun retreats that are held at The Sanctuary. Sometimes there is a bit of family added into the mix and some garden photos. And when I get each year of the blog printed into a book, it’s a diary of my life. I love to read other blogs and get a glimpse into their lives.

A few more customer quilts done in July, hope you enjoy the quilt show.


Pauline’s quilt made in a mystery quilt class.


I just quilted wavy lines across this one, and Helen H was going to hand quilt around the circles which I basted down.


This is a Ring Cycles variation made by Helen P, using the fabrics that Helen dyed in a workshop. Helen colour washed the different shades, and then dyed a piece for the backing, matching the colours in the front as you can see below. It was quilted with an edge to edge called Windy Night.


Time for bed I think, as it was a 5am start this morning. Have had a busy day, started with some baking for the coming weekend retreat with Faye Packham, then a morning Bible Study meeting at 6.30am and then loaded another quilt, finished that and went shopping for more supplies.

Be back with more another day,

Blessings, From JudeSleepy smile

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jfoster8 said...

Always love looking at the quilt show you provide...well done on 200 blogs.