Monday, 19 August 2013

60th Anniversary celebrations

It has been a lovely weekend of family celebrations. Saturday night was the engagement party of my nephew and his fiancé, and attended by most of the family, although I did babysitting duty of grandchildren instead.
And Sunday was the celebration of my parents 60th wedding anniversary. It's quite a milestone, and they received letters from the Queen, the Prime Minister, and other members of parliament. We had photo albums on display for people to look back over their lifetime of achievements. Mum is keen on family history and has gathered quite a lot of information over the years. And the farm book was there, which is a record of the family farm, dating back to 1910, when it was settled by our family. One of my brothers still lives on the property.
My father was an only child, but mum was one of 10 children and 6 of those are still living. Below is Mum and one of her (older) sisters, and her younger brother on the left. The lady peering at the album, is one of the bridesmaids from their wedding. (Hello Joy, lovely to meet you, and as a bonus, to discover you are a quilter!!)

Two of my granddaughters, and my niece on the right. My niece is the daughter of my sister, and before you wonder at the age differences, I will tell you that I was almost 17years old before my sister was born. I always told mum that I wanted a sister, as I had 3 brothers (I was the oldest), and so along came the sister, but I was already left school and home, and was working before she arrived. This has meant that she is closer in age to my daughters, as my first arrived when she was 3 years and 9 months.
(This is probably all more than you really wanted to know of my family history).

The cake made by one of my clever daughters.

And this is the shot you don't normally see, of all the people lined up taking the photos.

Mum and Dad with all of their 15 grandchildren, and their 6 great grandchildren. 

Still looking good, and pretty fit still.

Mum and Dad and their 5 children. A rare photo to get us all in the same place at the same time!

Now it's back to work again, another quilt on the machine, orders for thread and other supplies done this morning, and menu planning happening for this weekends retreat.

The house is very cold, the fire has not been going, so better remedy that soon. The weather is so cold today and we have had lots more rain over the last few days. 
We won't complain, but I think the crop paddocks are getting rather waterlogged.
Spring must be coming, as I noticed quite a few of the wattle trees and canola crops coming out into flower while I was travelling on the weekend.

Enjoy your week, whatever you are doing.
From Jude
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