Thursday, 15 August 2013

Great reading

There are a few people whose blogs I follow, and today I read a great post of
Judy L, and thought how true her words are. She says it so well, that for the most part, you are the author of your own book of life. Sometimes we cannot change our life and/or our circumstances, but we can change our attitude.
It is our attitude that makes all the difference in our lives. Lots of people have difficult situations to live in, but we can choose how we react to those circumstances. I am not saying that it is always easy to do this, as I have my own "pity party" sometimes.
Thankyou Judy L for your post.

Lots has been happening for me recently, and I have felt overwhelmed by it all, and worried that I might not get it all done. Until I decided that I should not look too far ahead, take each day as it comes, and most importantly, to trust in my Lord for his continued provision.  And after reading Judy's post, I have thought about some small changes that I can make, little bit by bit.

Well that's enough deep and meaningful from me for this post, but thought it might make a difference to someone's life.

Blessings, From Jude


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

So true, one day at a time. I, too, am guilty of worrying about getting it all done and then I stop and realize that each day is a blessing and a gift and I need to stop worrying and start thanking God... an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference! Thanks, Jude, for the reminder!

jfoster8 said...

I couldn't agree easy to get overwhelmed!. Sometimes it really is "one foot in front of the other..."