Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Quilting update


I can see that it is almost another week since I have posted, and there are quite a few photos of quilts not shown yet, so before I get to the machine for the day, I shall give you a quilt show.

It is the best job, being a machine quilter, as I get to a quilt show every day, and the people who come into my workroom studio see so many different quilts. I usually hang them up on the wall behind my machine, so that they can “talk” to me and tell me how they need to be quilted, while I am working on one on Max (my machine). I usually get lots of opinions and its amazing how different we all are. One person might love what’s hanging up, and the next lady to come in the door, will say how “different”  it is. I guess we are all “the quilt police” and have such different tastes.  I just love to see what each person brings in.

Below is Rosies’s quilt, and you cant see in the photo, but it is all hand pieced! Made up of 1 1/2” finished half-square triangle units! Amazing! Rosie doesn’t like to waste fabric, and finds it hard to cut into large pieces, and this is her hand stitching project in the evenings.



Above is a quilt made by Marion, for her friend, lots of floral fabrics in this. And below a cat in the hat quilt for Jenny’s granddaughter, followed by 3 more of Jenny’s quilts. She has been having a finishing off session.





Well that’s it for today, the machine is “calling” to me, and I need to head to the post office and the shops later.

The weather here is rather chilly this week, after good rain at the weekend. There was a good frost on the lawn yesterday morning. I am so thankful for my wood heater, and a warm house, and bed at night. I just could not imagine sleeping out at night, and feel for the homeless in our society.

Will bring you an update from last weekends retreat at The Sanctuary another day, with more photos of some great quilts.

Hope you are keeping warm, and those who are in summer are cool.

Blessings, From Jude

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Marilyn Popplewell said...

Great quilts and quilting, Jude. Hope you are warm. We are having our summer and it warm and sticky here today in Monticello, Indiana, USA. Got two quilts quilted today and three to go for this week. Looking forward to a quilting get away end of next week, hopefully. Blessings.