Sunday, 28 July 2013

Christmas in July, 2013


I am home after another great weekend retreat at The Sanctuary with a lovely group of ladies, from Adelaide, local and just over the border into Victoria. Thankyou ladies for coming and making it such a special time.

The house was decorated with the tinsel and candles and Pat’s lovely arrangement of red flowers on the mantlepiece. The wood fire was burning and the house was cozy.


Santa left his presents under the little Christmas tree.


And the Rudolph biscuits were made for morning tea.


Lots of activity by the girls, they had “stuff” all over the tables. You never know just what you might need, so better bring it all. But I have to say that the Adelaide contingent were very good. THere were 4 of them, they travelled down in a small car, all brought there sewing machines and fabrics etc. They were instructed by the driver (and I won’t name her), to only bring the bare essentials of clothing. They did well.


First project taught by Pat, was the Christmas stockings. This was followed by other small items, which I did not get photos of.


Saturday evening they were asked to dress “Christmassy” and this was the first group, waiting for the others to appear.


Here are the ladies, in all their “finery”, all set for a Christmas dinner of Roast meats, roast vegetables and gravy, followed by Plum pudding and custard.


Following dinner, these snaps were taken, when they were all comfy and sitting by the fire. Don’t you just love the orange sox and pj’s?


Hand piecing blocks, which she said was relaxing!?? ( I can’t imagine anything more stressful?)


The last round of the binding, needs to be done before the quilt is valued this week.


And Raelene being an angel and helping to sew some of the binding, on the pink raffle quilt which is for the Pink weekend fundraiser at The Sanctuary in September.


The girls have all returned home and the house is quiet. But not for long, as Friday we start all over again, with a workshop by Faye Packham, but without the tinsel next time.

Have quite a few quilt photos to blog, so hope to be diligent this week and keep up. Time for some shut eye time, ready for another busy week. The large green quilt is being picked up tomorrow, so hope the customer likes what I have done. Will post photos another time.

Good night, Blessings,

From Jude


jfoster8 said...

Looks like lots of fun...

Marilyn Popplewell said...

Thanks for sharing, Jude. Looks like this was a lovely weekend for everyone. Was this Christmas in July? Blessings.

Sue SA said...

Looks like the weekend was a great success, love the raindeer treats!