Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Meeting the train

The town I live in is situated on the main freeway between Adelaide and Melbourne, almost on the border between the states of South Australia and Victoria. And we are lucky enough to still have the railway line going through. The Overland Train travels 3 times a week to Melbourne and 3 times back to Adelaide. A few years ago a group of us caught the train to Melbourne and attended the Quilt Show and had a good time. And DD3 caught the train back to Melbourne back in November after she looked after me for a week. But it's not often that I go to the station, but yesterday was another special day, as the train brought special passengers to stay with me.

The train was right on time, and I heard the whistle as it came across a crossing. 

And Theo and his dad were watching throught the window as they came into the station.
Mum and little brother drove down in the car and met them afterwards.

One very happy little man and his dad pose for Grandma.
It has been a lovely time with them, although NewYears Eve was spent very quietly and into bed well before the clock struck 12.
Today they have gone to Matt's Dads 80 th birthday celebrations and then will go home after that.

Happy New Year to you all.
From Jude
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