Wednesday, 23 January 2013

January 23, 2013

My apologies to those who have missed  me on the blog and keep checking in. I dont know where time has gone, its almost end of January, and doesn't seem long since the leadup to Christmas!
We had a sit and sew day a couple of weeks ago, which was a lot of fun, and I achieved a few finishes ready for the quilter!!.
Below are 2 photos of some of the girls. Seems like we have to shut ourselves away from the daily activities to actually get something done. I know if the girls weren't at my place I would probably be quilting a customer quilt, which is good to pay the bills, but is not enough to "fill up my tank".
I felt so good on the Monday after that weekend, and was ready to load up the next quilt.

Below is a photo of Ruth's New York Beauty quilt, made for a wedding present.
The fabrics are so busy, that it's hard to see the quilting in them, but the plain fabric shows up well.
(And the backing was very busy also).

Well, its time for bed now, need an early start in the morning to water both gardens, before another warm day tomorrow. Since our spell of days over 40deg, it has been lovely in the 30's, and tomorrow will be in the high 30's and thats far enough for me.

It is Australia Day on Saturday, and we have another sewing session planned, complete with the Aussie flags and Australian food for lunch. Looking forward to the weekend, and I wonder how many more WIP's I can get ready for the quilter! Of course, my quilter might have them in her queue for a long time yet!!! But I will be happy to get them to that stage, as I have some new things I want to get started on!

Thats all folks, until next time
From Jude
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jfoster8 said...

Love the New York Beauty.
I'm over the hot weather also...bring on autumn

Sue SA said...

I agree, definately over the heat and today is going to be a hot one! Mind you the kids are due back at school, so we havent seen the last of the warm weather. I am going to make lamingtons in anticipation of Australia Day and off to buy some lamb to keep Sam happy! Happy quilting Sue SA.