Saturday, 5 January 2013

Another quilt and other ramblings


This is Joy’s Farmers Wife Sampler quilt finished last week. I did a clamshell edge to edge through the centre and 2 separate borders. I just loved the texture of the clams quilted in the centre. Am working on another custom now, and have a very large New York Beauty for next week.


The weather is not real conducive for work at the moment. We are in the grip of a heatwave. Yesterday the temp got up to 45Deg which is HOT, HOT, today up to 36 and tomorrow expected to be 38, followed by 41,40,34 and 40.  THere are fires burning in places and houses have been lost in Tasmania.                                                         

   I don’t like the heat and if you ever hear me say how cold it is, just remind me! It is hard to be motivated to work, and take a lot of keeping up with the watering of gardens.

It has been a difficult week apart from the heat. Early in the week I found out that a beautiful lady had lost her life in an accident on Christmas Eve. So sad, my sympathy goes out to her family and her friends. Pam was part of the wonderful “In the Pink” retreat at The Sanctuary in September.

And on New Year’s Day, my son’s partner was in a car accident, caused by 2 ****** cars in a road rage incident. Thankfully she is OK, but was saved by the airbags in their car, only recently purchased. Car is written off, 2 people in another car (not wearing seatbelts) thrown from their car, and the driver of another car taking off from the scene. Each day I have heard more stories of people doing STUPID things in cars. What is happening, where is common sense?

It is easy feel down about the things happening around us, but I need to also think of the positive things to balance it all. I am thankful that the power has not gone out, and the aircon is working. I am thankful that I have work to do, and can pay the bills. I am thankful for a comfortable house, for good friends and family. I am thankful for the firemen that fight the fires in extreme conditions.

A visit from good friends this afternoon, was much appreciated when a faulty part on the submersible pump of my bore was replaced and fixed. I am not mechanical, and like to be able switch things on and expect them to go! So thankyou very much, my watering system is much better now.

Well that’s enough rambling from me, will be back in a few days with some more quilt photos. Hope you are in a cool spot if you are “down under” and a warm one in the northern part of the world.


From Jude


jfoster8 said...

It's hot hear too Jude...bit hard to get motivated to work in my tin shed.....I have aircon but it only just takes the edge off the heat.
Love the clam shells.

Sue SA said...

So glad your son's partner was not hurt, too scary to think the what if's. The summer heat seems to bring out the idiot in some and getting in a car only compounds the effect. I am always happy to get off the Dukes or Western Hwy when we travel, but in reality accidents happen close to home too. Frustrating when it is all avoidable if people just behaved themselves! Glad the pump got fixed...that is the joy of great friends. Heat was so much better yesterday here, only 32, but more importantly got a breeze both mornings so I can cool the house down...not something we usually get, so very grateful.