Saturday, 26 January 2013

26th January, 2013–Australia Day


Today is Australia Day, and what better way to celebrate than a sewing day. Today there was 10 of us for a fun day of working on our own projects. Lots of laughter, and sewing, and sharing, and of course a lunch of “Aussie” food.

I still have not worked out how to do the linky thing to connect other sites, but if you go to Michele Hill’s blog ( you can check out her post on being Australian. We are fortunate to live in this country.

I have a neighbour who came to Australia from the Ukraine many years ago, and he has always flown the Australian flag and has been disappointed that we don’t seem to appreciate the great country we have. So this year I decided we would celebrate being Australians and bought lots of flags.


Above is Pauline and Val being patriotic. Val’s ribbons are the Australian way of “making do”, using what you have, and she’ll be right mate!


Above, my letter box, and below my neighbour’s large flag.



Flags attached to our sewing machines.


Helens Aussie hat.


And what is more South Australian than Farmers Union Iced Coffee.


Lunch included meat pies, sausage rolls, tomato sauce, fritz, meat loaf, and of course we had Pavlova, trifle, and vanilla slice and not forgetting lamingtons.


So whatever you are doing, enjoy the rest of your day, there are still 3 of us here for the evening, and a few more coming back tomorrow and maybe Monday as it’s a public holiday for us. I think there are a few Aussie things leftover for tonight, and a bottle of something a tad stronger than the Iced Coffee!


From Jude


Sue SA said...

What a great way to celebrate Australia day! Happy stitching!

Michele Hill said...

What fun! Good on you my Aussie friend XX

Cathy H said...

What a great way to spend Australia Day with your friends.... Love all the flags...