Sunday, 10 February 2013

February 10, 2013

Once again I have been reminded about a lack of blog post, so my apologies to those who faithfully check in on me. I can’t believe just how far gone the year 2013 is already!!

Must be the old adage of time flying when you are having fun. Looks like I need to post some more quilting photos, seems to have been awhile since I did. Have been churning out a few since a couple of months of “light duties” following surgery, and am now back into the swing of things.

Had a trip to the big city last Friday for Valuation day, which is always interesting, and then had a lovely lunch with 2 good friends. Was a great day, and also saw my mum and dad on the way home. We have had some lovely weather, not too hot and not cold. So it’s nice to be out and about.

This weekend has been another retreat at The Sanctuary, and what a great time it was. So many laughs and fun amongst the participants. And another great array of quilts.


Above is Pauline, who must be the neatest sewer in the room. I don’t know how she manages to create in such a tidy space, everything neatly placed around her, no threads lying near or on the floor!! Bit different to the rest of us. I know my space is very messy when I am sewing.  Which reminds me of a posting on facebook last week, which said “I’m creative, you can’t expect me to be neat too!” and had a photo which looked almost like my sewing area. I do like to tidy up in between projects, but not while I am in the middle of something. Are you a tidy worker, or a bit on the messy side??


Above is Pat, pressing, and looking like she is thinking very seriously about what to do next, and below is Sandy, concentrating on getting her quilt finished.



Discussion around the cutting table and a cuppa for Marie.



All lined up for the obligatory group photo, some having more progress than others, but all having achieved great results and having had a great weekend. As I wasn’t there all the time, the stories I did hear were good ones, and I think better not told. What happens at retreat, needs to stay at retreat I am told. But, what a waste of some good stories!!

So it’s back to quilting again tomorrow, a week of edge to edge quilting, and our local group’s angel quilting day coming up on Thursday.

Till next time

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

I'm definetly a messy creator. I can't be bothered being a slave to neatness!! Having said that, when I know someone is coming on over, I sure do move my ass to clean up. My mess is dreadful!! It seems to follow me from the studio into the house...... much to the Earl's disgust. Great to hear you've recovered well Jude...... look forward to seeing your quilting prowess over the next few weeks.

Sue SA said...

Definately a messy quilter, but tidy you between sessions or when guests are staying - sewing room doubles as guest bedroom!
Sorry Judy but I have lost my paperwork that you gave me (most have thrown out by accident tidying up?!) could you please send me the dates that retreat is not free - so we can try and find a date that agrees with all my friends!

Marilyn Popplewell said...

Thanks or sharing and keeping us informed of the goings on at your lovely sanctuary. The ladies all looked like they were deep in thought with their projects. Blessings to all.