Saturday, 17 November 2012

In the garden

Below is a photo of the bouganvillea at my house that is in flower at the moment. Don't think I have ever seen so many flowers on it, its very showy. Am trying to grow one at The Sanctuary also, but its very slow to get going, although its in a more exposed position and the soil is a more clay. I shall be patient.

And this is a photo of what I call Jill's rose, which is really a Pierre de Ronsard climbing rose.
It is planted at the bottom of monkey bars, a childrens playground equipment, and Jill recommended that I plant this rose to climb up and grow over the top. And its very fitting that it is flowering at the moment as next week will be one year from when Jill died. It is one year since this was planted and every time I walk past I remember her, and miss our conversations and visits. I look forward to seeing this rose grow and climb further up and over.

I have 8 ladies staying over the road at The Sanctuary this weekend. Marie is teaching Colour Therapy, so look forward to seeing what they make.
It was a house of laughter last night when I left to come home, lots of sharing about their lives since last meeting each other, and some meeting for the first time. I think that it will not just be Colour Therapy, but also Therapy for each other, and timeout from the daily grind of life for them all. Just to take time and not think about what's for the next meal and be waited on is great.

This morning I need to finish a custom quilt before I go back with sustenance for their day.

Enjoy you weekend, whatever you are doing,
From Jude
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