Monday, 12 November 2012

Early morning wakeup call

Just a little update for you this morning, have lots to blog about, but will just post these photos for now.

Have been away for a few days, trip to the city for our State quilt show and family stuff.             

One morning while I was blissfully sleeping just before 4am I heard a loud noise and woke up. Below is what happened. A car with 3 youths came flying over the retaining wall, and landed as you can see. I was asleep in a bed just inside the window that you can see!!


The car came off the road and through the 2 trees you can see in front of the firetruck, and came flying through the fence at the back of the house. Amazing that they did not hit the trees.


This is the car wedged in the narrow space behind the house, probably a 12 foot drop to the ground. Did not hit the roof. Could have crashed through the brick wall!!!


It was a rather eventful morning, and the car was taken out soon after this photo.

When you think about all the what-ifs, it is just mind boggling that there was not more damage and the 3 guys crawled out with hardly a scratch.

I must admit that it wasn’t until I arrived home last night and downloaded the photos, that I really stopped and thought about what happened, and got a bit shaky. The fire and police all said that I should buy a lottery ticket, it was my lucky day, but I prefer to think that God has more plans for me yet, and it was not just “luck”.

So after tha,t I better get to the shower and start my day, which will be rather busy, but will blog more about all the rest of the weeks happenings later. And there’s lots more quilt photos to show too.

Have a great day,

Blessings, From Jude


Marilyn Popplewell said...

Gracious, Jude, I am so thankful you are safe and unhurt. God was watching over you. Blessings.

Judiquilts said...

Jude, that is scary and I'm glad no-one was harmed.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

My goodness, what a fright! Thank goodness you are okay. A lot of "what if's" going through my mind when I look at the pictures.
Take care Jude, enjoy your week.

Sue SA said...

Yikes, so glad everyone was safe.

Michele Hill said...

Oh my gosh Jude............what a terrible scare.Glad you are okay. I wil ring later this week (have the whole family coming around tonight) Hugs as always xxx

Judy B said...

I knew a car had hit a house ... like you a lot of what ifs running through my mind too!
I wouldn't bother too much with the lottery tickets as a fair share of luck was used up right there and then. Maybe enough luck left over for a chook raffle.

Sandy said...

Unbelievable!!! Thank goodness you are OK Judy.
You must certainly have a Guardian Angel watching over you.
Amazing that no one was injured!!!

jfoster8 said...

WOW..that is glad you are O.K. and not too much damage..