Monday, 13 February 2012

Lois' bargello

A photo of Lois' bargello quilt, finished last week. Lots of movement happening with the change in direction and colours. Love the colours in this quilt, it is brighter in real life than the photo shows. Hope that Lois likes it as well as the star quilt from a couple of weeks ago.

And yesterday I finally finished my marathon task of catching up with the bookwork. Have gone from July 2010 to February 2012 in the last month, so a weight has been lifted from my mind. (Wish it was just as quick to get a weight off the body too!!!)  And have all my stuff ready for my visit with the accountant tomorrow morning. Feels so good to get this done.
Now to get a few edge to edge quilts done this week and a good cleanup and dust at The Sanctuary as I have a booking for this weekend. Spent the weekend in the garden over there, in between sitting at the computer. The weather has been just lovely, temperature in the mid to high 20's. Good living weather!

I think that the lunch break is well and truly over, so best get back to loading another quilt.

Enjoy your day,
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