Thursday, 9 February 2012

2 more Angels

A couple of photos of a couple more Angels (Jean and Pauline), at work today, at our monthly "Angels" day, to make quilts for those in need, or just to say we care. Some of the pile that Pat quilted a couple of weeks ago, which I blogged about in a previous post, had bindings put on today. It is good to have a stockpile of a few quilts, so that when we hear of someone who could use one, its not a rush to get it made.
And as I have not finished any show and tell for you this week, I told the girls I needed to take their photos instead.
I was working on a custom job, and unfortunately have an unpicking job to do, and have not finished the next one yet.
Still working on my books, not much left to do, and I shall be up to the end of December, 2011!
Also trying to tidy the garden at The Sanctuary ready for a retreat soon. So, lots happening, and thankfully the weather is really great at the moment, not hot and not cold. (Hard to please, aren't I?)

Enjoy your day,
From Jude

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