Monday, 24 October 2011

A "visitor" at The Sanctuary

I could not believe my eyes this morning, when I saw a pig walk past my workroom. Had to look twice. It walked up the road a bit and then turned back and went across the road and into the garden at The Sanctuary. Well, I know how destructive pigs can be and I did not want it in my newly established garden! We managed to get it to go into the yard at the back of the block, where there was nothing it could wreck and she stayed there, digging holes and sleeping, until the council came this afternoon with a trailer and took her away. Not sure where she came from, so will see if someone has lost a pig, otherwise.....well, you know what happens to pigs eventually!?

Blessings, from Jude
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Michele Hill said...

Roast pork and crackling for Christmas??!! How cute though....a bit fat to be 'Babe'! XX

Michele Hill said... message worked :-)

jude's page said...

Yes comments working at last, and Michele I think its more like ham and bacon for Christmas, too big for pork!

Anonymous said...

Too big to add to my collection, so glad it found it's way home.

Judy B