Friday, 7 October 2011

More long weekend photos

This blogging sure is a big learning curve, must take some lessons. These are more photos, under another heading as I dont know how to get all the photos together under the one title. Consider I still have my "L" plates on for my blogging licence!!
This is Jean and Val in deep discussion about what Val is going to make with these charm squares she had.
It is good to get another opinion sometimes. Once Val decided what to do, she whipped them into blocks quickly, then couldnt decide how to put the blocks together, so started another quilt.

This is Jocelyn, concentrating hard, trying to get a few blocks finished for her heirloom quilt, which is looking good, background fabric is cream cotton sateen.

And Helen, being an angel, sewing a binding on a quilt, for the husband of a former group member who passed away last year, and left 2 unfinished quilts. The Gumtree Quilters is having an exhibition in 2 weeks, and we are having a memorial corner with a display of quilts from 3 of our former members.

( I know that my family will find a lot more than 2 unfinished quilts in my house). And this is a good reason to let your family know just what you would like done with your "stuff". Another husband was in a quandary about what to do with what was in "that" room.
Well thats enough of that subject for this post. I have more to say, will start another heading, its been a busy time since the last time I wrote.

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