Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Quilt exhibition

Well hopefully all the Bordertown Gumtree Quilters have their quilts all finished, the hanging sleeves and labels on ready for hanging up day tomorrow.  Will be a busy day tomorrow, but will be great to see them all hanging up at the end of the day. If anyone wants a nice drive to see 180plus quilts from Friday to Sunday, head to the Mundulla Hall between 10am and 5pm (4pm on Sunday). Raffle quilt, shops in attendance and good country catering. Opening is on Friday, at 1.30pm by Faye Packham, Ambassador for Bedford. There is a display of Bedford mystery quilts from 2010. Look forward to seeing you there.

Have been over at The Sanctuary today, getting things ready and finishing things off. Have some special people staying there this weekend and also next weekend. Finally we are ready to go. The garden will be an ongoing project as time allows.

Have been doing more detective work on comments not getting through, and made another change and things seem to be working now. So if you havent succeeded before, try again.

Until next time
Happy quilting

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MCH said...

Exhibition was great - now for next time!!